Different Options To Make Your Kitchen's Granite Countertops Unique

Granite is a durable and stylish option for kitchen countertops. However, if you want a unique countertop, you need to consider the different options that you have available with this material. Multiple Tiles Instead of a Slab Instead of installing a solid slab of granite, you have the option of using tiles for your granite countertops. Granite tiles usually come in the same colors as traditional slab pieces, and they are a great alternative to use since they are more affordable.

Trees To Avoid If You Hate Maintenance

There are many benefits to trees. They are good for the environment, they provide shade, and some of them are downright gorgeous. However, there are some trees you will want to avoid if you hate maintenance. Cottonwood This tree is pretty to look at, but is not the easiest tree to deal with. It is easily infiltrated by disease and vermin. It also has wood that easily disintegrates, which means that it can be easily damaged during severe weather.

Modern Drapery Ideas To Give Your Dining Room An Upgrade

If your dining room looks like it's lacking color or it looks boring compared to the rest of your living space, then a small makeover may be in order. Instead of going to the time and expense of painting or redecorating, you can simply upgrade your window drapery to give this space a whole new look. Here are some modern drapery ideas that you can try to liven up your space.

4 Tips To Save Money When Buying Mulch

Mulch can be a wonderful addition to any flowerbed or garden. Mulch helps protect plants from the cold winter weather, keeps them moist when it's dry out and helps prevent weeds. However, buying it can get expensive, especially if you have large flowerbeds or gardens. Luckily, following these tips can help you save money when buying mulch. 1. Buy at the Right Time of Year You've probably seen displays of bagged mulch during the spring and summer at all of your garden stores, home improvement stores and mass market retail stores.

How To Choose The Right Gas Fireplace For Your Home

You might think that since your home didn't come with a fireplace, it'd be far too expensive to add one now. While it could be costly to construct a wood-burning fireplace, gas log fireplaces are easy to install, and can be put into most any home. Don't give up on your thoughts of a warm, flickering fireplace over the holidays. Here are two things you'll need to consider before you buy, though.