So Your Dog Is Using Your Air Conditioner Like A Fire Hydrant: Here's What To Do

You've noticed some damage to your air conditioning fins and the coils (the cooling area) and you aren't sure where it is originating. It looks like something is being sprayed against it and wearing it away. Then one day, you see your pup walk right to it and "go" against it. There's a good chance this has been going on awhile and that this behavior is causing the damage. Here's what you can do to stop it.

4 Clues That Your Home Is Infested With Mice

Mice infest about 21 million homes every single year in the United States, but since they're small and like to hide, you may not realize that yours is one of them. Here are four clues that mice are infesting your home.  Gnaw Marks Like other rodents, mice have open-rooted teeth. This means that their teeth grow constantly throughout their lives. To keep their teeth from growing to an unmanageable size, they need to chew on hard objects to wear down their teeth.

How To Lighten Your Load Before Moving

Don't pack unnecessary items when moving to your new home. Instead, free up some space on the moving truck that you will be using and put your old belongings to good use using the following ideas: Hold A Tent Sale Make some flyers to hang up around town, advertising a tent sale. Have your friends and family assist you with locating a large area to hold your event. Rent an inexpensive tent from a party planning business.

Design An Ecologically Friendly Bathroom With These Four Tips

It's possible to update your entire bathroom without generating a lot of waste. You can even take the remodeling process a step further and select materials that will lower your ecological footprint every day. Tip #1: Recycle the Tear-Outs Remodeling can result in a lot of waste, from old shower surrounds to cabinets, tiles and toilets. Instead of letting everything go straight to the landfill, take the time to recycle what you can.