How Biological Filtrationand Cycling Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Fish Aquarium

If you have tried to keep an aquarium and found all your fish dead with in day or so of putting them in their new aquarium, you may wonder what happened. For many novice aquarists, learning more about the natural processes vital for fish to survive in an aquarium environment is extremely important. When fish die soon after being put in a new aquarium, it is commonly caused by an un-cycled aquarium. Find out more about how to properly cycle your aquarium.

What Is Aquarium Cycling?

When you add fish to a newly set-up, un-cycled aquarium, there is not enough beneficial bacteria present in it for disposing of the waste your fish will produce. Cycling is a time period that will allow the water in a new aquarium to develop the good bacteria necessary for disposing of fish waste. Keep in mind the waste your fish produce will contain ammonia, meaning it is nitrogenous. If there are no bacteria to convert the ammonia in fish waste to nitrites, it will increase to high levels in your aquarium, becoming toxic to your fish. Nitrites are converted into nitrates that are not harmful to your fish and are vital for algae and plant growth. For many novice aquarists, the lack of proper cycling is the reason they lose many of the fish they try to keep in an aquarium. During cycling, the process of biological filtration begins. You can purchase bottled bacteria from pet stores that sell fish and aquarium supplies. Cycling a tank takes up to six weeks.

Hardy Fish Can Help You Cycle A New Aquarium

When you set up a new aquarium and have added beneficial bacteria, adding a couple of hardy fish like barbs or danios can help the cycling process. Also, making sure your aquarium has gravel or other appropriate substrate for bacteria to live on is vital to creating a healthy environment for your fish. Making sure you have a dependable water filter in your tank is essential. The cycling process will require oxygen and if the water is not moving through an air pump, little oxygen will be produced. The bacteria in your tank require oxygen in the water to survive. Discuss with professionals at freshwater and tropical fish stores about the pumps best for your aquarium.

When you can sit back and watch the fish in your aquarium, it is a relaxing and satisfying feeling. Taking the best care of your fish starts with learning more about their needs, especially when it comes to cycling a new aquarium. For more information, visit a company like Neptune's Tropical Fish.