Turn Your Porch Into An Enclosed Entertainment Space

Need some extra space to entertain visitors in your home throughout the year? Here's how you can turn your outdoor porch into a comfortable enclosed entertainment area for you, family, and friends to enjoy:

Enclose the Area

To protect your outdoor entertainment area from weather elements throughout the year, it's a good idea to enclose the space using screen and shades. The screen will help keep unwanted pests out of the space and provide some wind protection. When the weather gets really bad outside, you can draw the shades to make the porch feel like an enclosed room and to help keep the rain and snow out.

Start by stapling screen along the top and bottom exterior frame of your porch. To make sure that the screen is pulled tight as you attach it, ask a friend or family member for help and have them pull the screen firmly downward after stapling it around the top of the porch's frame so you can go around and secure the screen along the bottom. After the screen has been installed, hang bamboo shades around the outside of the screen. Let the bottoms of the shades hang loose, so you can roll them up when the weather is nice outside.

Install New Lighting

No enclosed entertainment space is complete without lighting that makes it easy to read, play games, and see other peoples' facial expressions when talking with one another. Most outdoor lighting fixtures tend to function as spotlights or provide only a dim illumination for nighttime safety.

So it's a good idea to replace your current lighting with outdoor wall lighting fixtures that provide a far-reaching illumination that will brighten up the space as much as any room inside of your home. Look for lighting fixtures that wrap all the way around your lightbulbs to soften the glow and prevent a spotlight effect within the space. The fixtures should be white or beige to allow the light to easily penetrate into the room.

Introduce Versatile Furniture

Adding furniture to the space is essential to ensure comfort and convenience while spending there, but because it's not fully enclosed like your indoor rooms, using traditional furnishings such as cloth-covered couches may result in the development of mold and mildew. So consider implementing pieces that are weatherproof yet stylish enough to look like they're meant for the indoors.

Steel benches with weatherproof cushions on them and wooden chairs without any cushions at all are eye appealing and comfortable options. If you do decide to put traditional cloth covered furnishings in the space, consider covering them with weatherproof material or commercial seat covers that can be taken off and washed on a regular basis.

Using these tips and tricks, you should be able to turn your outdoor porch into an inviting and cozy enclosed entertainment area by committing to just a few hours of work.