Precast Stone Uses In A Residential Home And Garden

Stone has been used historically to construct buildings and other structures because of its strength, longevity, and ability to be cut, carved, and finished. Stonemasons are highly skilled artisans that have carved and shaped natural stone for buildings and monuments for centuries. 

Today, architects and building contractors often use precast stone instead of natural stone because it has the same qualities as natural stone but is more readily obtained and more economical to buy. Precast stone is made of white or gray cement, natural or synthetic sand, crushed stone, and mineral coloring pigments. Precast stone can be made to resemble the color, texture, and appearance of any natural stone, and is installed and secured with mortar or fastened with metal anchors. If you have a home and garden and would like to distinguish it with unique detailing, you can use precast stone. Here are some uses for precast stone:

  • Precast Stone Building Ornaments - Precast stone ornaments are often used as matching decorations on the exterior of residential homes and outbuildings such as fascia, columns, cornices, finials, tracery, posts and lintels, balconies, and even gargoyles. These ornaments are designed with their own unique attachment mechanisms so that they can be permanently installed and able to withstand any seasonal weather condition. These ornaments are available in a natural stone finish or colored with ceramic glaze in a myriad of decorative colors.  
  • Precast Stone Monuments and Fountains - Precast stone can be used to create monuments, statues, and fountains. These elements can be created with a hollow interior to make them lighter than natural stone and still retain their strength. With a hollow interior, fountains can be plumbed and easily repaired, if necessary. 
  • Precast Stone Building Tiles and Bricks - Precast stone can be used to create traditional stone building tiles and bricks. These elements can be used to line exterior walls, create stairways and archways, and cover a roof. Precast stone bricks can also be used to create retaining walls in a garden. All of these elements can be made with shaped ends with a smooth or natural rough-hewn finish. 
  • Precast Stone Garden Benches and Patio Furnishings - Outdoor benches and furnishings can be made of precast stone and bolted into place. These furnishings can include outdoor cooking equipment if desired. Precast stone furnishings can create weatherproof seating areas in gardens or around a pool. 

Precast stone has the look and feel of natural stone and can be used to add distinction to your home and garden. Ask your building contractor about incorporating precast stone elements in your residence or garden for a classic and historic look that cannot be duplicated with other materials. For more information on stone, talk to a professional like