So Your Dog Is Using Your Air Conditioner Like A Fire Hydrant: Here's What To Do

You've noticed some damage to your air conditioning fins and the coils (the cooling area) and you aren't sure where it is originating. It looks like something is being sprayed against it and wearing it away. Then one day, you see your pup walk right to it and "go" against it. There's a good chance this has been going on awhile and that this behavior is causing the damage. Here's what you can do to stop it.

Why Dogs "Go" On Air Conditioners

When a new item appears in your yard, dogs (especially male ones) will feel the need to stake a claim on it. Dogs are very territorial, and they mark their territory by lifting their leg and going on the item that they want.

So while you might not know exactly when your dog started going on your air conditioner, there's a chance they've been doing it since it was installed. Unfortunately, this can lead to a wide range of problems that can seriously impact how well your conditioner works.

The Problems This Causes

Dog urine will gradually eat away at the exterior of your air conditioner, especially if your dog is continually going on it. Worst of all is if the dog actually gets urine inside of the air conditioning unit. In here, it will eat away at the coils and cause your air conditioner to leak, ruining its efficiency. In fact, if enough dog urine collects in your air conditioner, the smell might be picked up by the coil and distributed through your home.

Stopping It From Happening

The best way to stop your dog from going on the air conditioner is to install a small fence around it, one with a small door. In this way, they'll be unable to go on it whenever they want. Try to position it three to four feet away in order to make it difficult for your dog to hit should it try to pee through the fence anyway.

If your dog tries to dig underneath the fence, you can decorate it with several large rocks that it will have trouble moving. Such large rocks will distract your dog and prevent it from digging near enough the fence to sneak under, keeping your air conditioner safe.

While it is possible to repair the damaged fins and coils of your air conditioning unit, these units can be heavy and difficult to manage on your own. A professional can do the hard for you and ensure that it is done properly and that your dog stays away for good. Check out a website like for more information.