2 Ways To Keep Water Out Of Your New Basement

Investing in the purchase of a new home can be exciting, but it also comes with a significant amount of responsibility. Discovering that water is leaking into the basement of your new home could be disheartening.

Before you let a wet basement keep you up at night, here are two simple methods you can use to help stop water from infiltrating your basement in the future.

1. Insulate your pipes.

If your basement is unfinished, adding insulation to exposed pipes can be a great way to reduce the potential for water damage. Moisture in the air can condense on exposed cold water pipes. This condensed water collects until it forms droplets, which can fall onto the walls and floor of your new basement.

Invest in some spiral-wrap insulation (which is essentially fiberglass sheeting covered with a reflective shield) from your local home improvement store, and begin wrapping the spiral-wrap insulation around any exposed cold water pipes in your new basement.

Be sure to overlap the insulation by at least one-half inch to ensure maximum protection against condensation, and the subsequent water damage that condensation can cause.

2. Extend your downspouts.

If you notice that your new basement becomes damp after a rainstorm, then water seeping into the basement walls from the exterior soil could cause you problems in the future. Directing excess water away from your home's foundation can be a great way to eliminate the amount of water that finds its way through your basement's exterior walls in the future.

Extending the downspouts that carry water collected by rain gutters along your home's roofline by connecting them to a series of drainpipes will help you direct water away from your home's foundation. Purchase some non-perforated Schedule 40 PVC pipe with a 4-inch diameter from your local home improvement store. Dig underground trenches leading from the end of your downspout and away from your home.

Lay the pipe in the trenches (using any necessary fittings) and then cover the pipes with soil. These drainpipes will help direct water safely away from your home, protecting your home's foundation and basement walls from water damage during rainstorms in the future.

Finding ways to prevent water from leaking into your basement will keep your new home free from costly water damage. Try insulating your exposed cold water pipes and installing underground drainpipes that extend your home's downspouts to keep water out of your new basement in the future.

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