Need A Tree Removed On A Joint Property Line But You And Your Neighbor Don't Want To Pay? Split The Cost And Move On

If you and your neighbor are having an argument about a rotting tree down the middle of your property line, and who should take care of it because neither of you wants to pay for it, there are a couple of things you can do to take care of the problem without a lot of hassles. You don't want to continue to fight about it, and you don't want to ruin your relationship with your neighbor. Here are the steps you need to take to get rid of the tree in the smartest way possible.

Get a Quote

Have a professional tree removal service company send an employee out to the property to examine the tree, and to give you a quote for the project. Find out how much it's going to be to have the tree cut down, the stump taken out, and all of the debris and brush hauled away on the day the project is completed. The quote should include all the labor that could occur from the project.

Negotiate to Split the Cost

Once you have the bill in hand, try to talk with your neighbor about splitting the cost. If they have a quote to look at they can understand how much they should expect to pay, and they may want to get more quotes. Even if you have to pay a little bit more than the neighbor, it will be worth it to get rid of the tree and the problem.

Avoid Liability

Trying to cut down the tree on your own could damage someone's property, and it could take a life. Leaving the tree there to rot, and then having it damage property is also a liability problem. You don't want to be liable for all the damages that can occur when you try to cut down a tree without expert tools and experience, and you probably don't have the homeowners insurance to cover problems. Avoid the liability by letting the experts handle every aspect of the project. Even trimming the branches on your own could be a huge risk.

It isn't worth arguing with or avoiding the people that live around you to fight over a tree that is on both pieces of property, and instead you should just be the bigger person and put in the effort to find a practical solution. Splitting the cost of the project and letting the professionals do all the work is one of the best options for both parties that are involved, and then you  never have to worry or talk about the tree problem ever again. For more information, visit sites like