Three More Reasons To Get A Standby Generator

If you've been considering buying a standby generator but have been thinking you shouldn't because you don't have anything like medical equipment that you need to keep running during a power outage, think again. Standby generators do more than just provide emergency power. That power helps sustain much more than you realize in your life. Here are three more reasons to get a standby generator.

You Run A Home Business

It's bad enough if your power goes out so that your alarm clock doesn't work and your fridge goes dark. But if you work from home, either through telecommuting or through running your own business, a power outage could severely impact your income. You're not going to be able to power your computer, recharge a laptop, recharge your cell phone, use any equipment, or really get any work done. This isn't going to be like working at a big company where their budget can cover your pay for a few days if no work gets done. By having a standby generator, you can keep the lights on and bills paid.

You're On A Tight Budget

It may sound strange and rather frustrating to be told to buy a generator when you're on a tight budget. But if you can keep the power on—and thus keep your refrigerator, freezer, and stove (if it's electric or gas with electronic ignition) working, you won't lose the majority of your food, and you'll be able to keep on cooking instead of having to rely on expensive takeout. That will save your budget from major cash outflows like having to replace almost all of your food. Even if you currently have some healthy savings, being able to avoid those unexpected expenses just makes life easier.

You Face Other Threats As Well

Power outages often happen solely because something happened in the power grid itself, of course, such as human error. But if the main cause is something like a severe storm that affected the grid—which could be affecting your home, too—having a generator will let you keep equipment like sump pumps running in your basement. Without that power, rainwater can seep into the basement, for example, and flood it.

If you're interested in looking at standby generators now, talk to a generator manufacturer and the sellers in your area. The staff may have a good idea of what weather threats you face and how quickly local utility companies might be able to respond to a power outage.