Cleaning Your Faux Turf With The Help Of Carpet Cleaning Services: What To Expect

If you bought faux turf, that stuff that looks green but is made of plastic and is often used for sports stadium grounds, and placed it on or around your outdoor entertainment area, you may find that it needs a regular cleaning. Rainwater is not always the best answer either, since faux turf's prickly plastic blades of imitation grass tend to collect a lot of dirt and dust. Carpet cleaning services can help you keep your artificial grass carpets clean. Here is what you can expect from these services and how they work on your faux turf/artificial grass.

Steam-Cleaning the Dirt off of Plastic Grass

Because faux turf or stadium turf is made of plastic, the cleaning service technician has to be very careful about applying intense heat so that the plastic grass does not melt. Steam is often used to loosen the dirt by applying just enough moisture and heat to break up the smallest particles of dirt on the turf. The temperature of that steam can be controlled by gauges and levers on the truck. After the application of steam, the area may be lightly shampooed with a special detergent just for this kind of "carpet."

Rinsing the Plastic Grass

A light rinsing after a shampooing is typically the next step. The technicians will make adjustments on their water pump trucks so that the water pressure is not too strong and the water itself is not too hot. Some faux turf of a lesser quality may break off and bend under extreme water pressure, and you can test this prior to scheduling your cleaning appointment by using your own pressure washer on an unseen corner of the turf. If you get a few blades of broken plastic popping off under a typical pressure washer, be sure to show this area to your technician before he or she begins so that he/she can make the adjustments to the air compressor mounted on the cleaning truck.

"Vacuuming" the Plastic Grass

In the last carpet cleaning service provided by your technicians, your faux turf is lightly "vacuumed" so that excess water, remaining dirt and soap residue are removed. A suction tool is placed in a hovering position just above the blades of plastic grass so that the plastic grass does not break off during the suctioning process. As the tool is held just above the faux turf, the technician slowly moves it from side to side, front to back, over the entire area where your faux turf lies. Some services may pat-dry the area too, or offer a protective coating to prevent the re-accumulation of outside dirt, but these services are usually optional.

For more information and options, talk with local carpet cleaning services, such as Doug's Rug Spa, and ask if they offer services for artificial grass.