Different Options To Make Your Kitchen's Granite Countertops Unique

Granite is a durable and stylish option for kitchen countertops. However, if you want a unique countertop, you need to consider the different options that you have available with this material.

Multiple Tiles Instead of a Slab

Instead of installing a solid slab of granite, you have the option of using tiles for your granite countertops. Granite tiles usually come in the same colors as traditional slab pieces, and they are a great alternative to use since they are more affordable. The main differences between the slabs and tiles will be the width, the weight, and the size, since the tiles are typically thinner and have grout lines.

If you want tile, but aren't a fan of the grout line, you can make the grout line thinner by reducing the space in between each tile. It is also a good idea to pick a grout color that complements the color scheme of your tiles, so that the line is not very noticeable.

When choosing the tiles, you want to determine what type of pattern works well for your kitchen countertops. For example, you can pick three or four complementary colors and lay them out in a specific pattern. If you want a mosaic appearance, you can pick random tiles and lay them out in no specific pattern. Tiles are great if you want your countertops to go seamlessly with a backsplash. If you want to lay out a unique pattern in the countertop, you can continue that pattern into the backsplash as well.

Decorative Edges

If you prefer the large slab pieces for your countertop, you can enhance the pieces by creating decorative edges. The basic edges, such as a rounded bevel or squared edge may seem too boring for your kitchen. With that in mind, you can look to see if some of the more decorative edging is to your liking.

One decorative option is a triple edge or sometimes called a waterfall edge. With this option, the edge has three separate levels, which look similar to stairs. You have the option to round each level or you can square them if you prefer.

Another choice you have is a chiseled looked that does not have a uniformed edge. Generally, this edge has a more rough appearance, which can resemble rough-cut stone. Even though it has uneven appearance, the countertop maker will usually polish the edges so that they are not sharp.

Granite offers you a unique pattern on its own, but you can add your own touch of style to any countertop you want made. By understanding a few of the different ways you can use this material, it will be much easier to create a unique countertop design for your kitchen.