Trees To Avoid If You Hate Maintenance

There are many benefits to trees. They are good for the environment, they provide shade, and some of them are downright gorgeous. However, there are some trees you will want to avoid if you hate maintenance.


This tree is pretty to look at, but is not the easiest tree to deal with. It is easily infiltrated by disease and vermin. It also has wood that easily disintegrates, which means that it can be easily damaged during severe weather.

Lombardy Poplar

This tree has a unique look and can spice up any landscape as long as they are healthy. Unfortunately, they also have issues with disease and vermin, which can quickly turn them into a blemish on your landscape by making them look half dead.


This tree can be very fragile, which means it breaks easily. It also yields a lot of seeds that sprout quickly. So not only will you be spending a lot of time picking up broken limbs, you will also have to spend a lot of time trying to contain the fallen seeds so you don't end up with a whole forest of mimosa trees.

Black Walnut

Some of the best furniture comes from black walnut, but if you're not in the furniture making business, then it's best to keep this tree off of your property. It generates a lot of pollen and drops a large of amount of fruit, which can keep you busy if you like a clean yard. They also emit a poison that can wipe out nearby plants.

Leyland Cypress

These lush evergreens are well known for their quick growth. They are usually planted to provide privacy. This may seem like a perfect combination, but they demand a large amount of maintenance to keep them in good condition. Even with constant care, they can easily get damaged in storms making all your hard work a waste of time.


This tree has an extensive root structure that can wreak havoc on any nearby buildings including your house. It can also ruin your driveway and patio. To add to this, it drops fruit on the ground that is troublesome to remove.


This pretty tree grows quickly, but can cause massive damage or injury as it's heavy limbs are known to break off without warning. It also has bark that peels off every year leaving a tidy landscape looking messy and adding to your list of yard work.

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