Modern Drapery Ideas To Give Your Dining Room An Upgrade

If your dining room looks like it's lacking color or it looks boring compared to the rest of your living space, then a small makeover may be in order. Instead of going to the time and expense of painting or redecorating, you can simply upgrade your window drapery to give this space a whole new look. Here are some modern drapery ideas that you can try to liven up your space.

Sheer over patterns

Placing a sheer or lace overlay on top of a very bold pattern is a great way to blend color with subtle romance. This blending drapery idea is perfect for you if you want a hint of of color or want to try a floral, stripe, or even a chevron pattern, but are afraid of making your dining area look too bold. With a sheer overlay, you can choose any pattern you want in a variety of modern hues, such as:

  • goldenrod
  • eggplant
  • turquoise
  • navy
  • magenta


Metallic hues are contemporary in any home, and many people incorporate silver, bronze, gold, and copper into their daily decorations. From vases to paint, metallic hues make a large statement in any room. Modernize your dining area by choosing silver or gold-embroidered drapery, or go all-out and choose a shimmery copper for your window treatments. Your home will look bright and contemporary without being a metallic overload.

Metallic hues work best in a room that is already painted a lighter color. If you have darker walls, avoid making your space too rich in color by choosing silver as your metallic muse.

Two toned

If you want to give your dining area a muted makeover, try this easy upgrade to your drapery: pick two tones you love in the same style, then buy them both. You can display darker cloth on the outside of your windows, leaving your inner window treatments a lighter shade. Or, you can make a pattern of your tones. The key is to choose two different tones of drapery in the same material and pattern without clashing them. Consider pairing white and black, or silver and yellow, for a modern appeal to your drapery.

Your dining room can be easily upgraded by adding a few new touches to your windows. Whether you want to go all out with patterns or make your space more contemporary in appeal with metallic tones, you can make your dining area much more inviting by simply upgrading your drapery. Visit for more ideas on drapery treatments.