What You Need To Know About Green Furniture

In a world with an increasing need to protect the environment, making sure that your home is as green and energy efficient as possible can be a major consideration when furnishing your new house from a company like Design Center Furniture. But how do you know which green trimmings are best for your home and lifestyle, allowing you to be eco-conscious while not adversely affecting your life and daily routine? If you're looking for some ideas to turn your new home into a functional yet green paradise, then here's what you need to know.

#1: Fabrics and Frames

That 'new cushion smell' might remind you of new beginnings, but it's also probably a sign that a whole lot of earth-unfriendly chemicals were involved in their creation. When searching for eco-friendly carpeting, drapes, or cushions, look for ones that are made out of fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, and jute, which are naturally occurring and sustainably harvested. As far as any wooden framing goes, look for bamboo or fair-trade lumber for a look that will make a splash without harming the environment.

#2: Smaller, Lighter, Flexible

Big, heavy pieces of furniture like traditional couches, bookcases, entertainment centers, and love seats take up way more energy -- and are way worse for the environment -- than you might think. No matter what material these giant space-wasters are made of, they take a ton of fossil fuels to get them transported to your home, especially if (for example) the couch isn't a sectional and must be transported in all its 20-foot glory. Instead, consider buying smaller and/or lighter pieces; well-made furniture will still last through the rigors of your home and its inhabitants, and can be taken to your home by a much smaller vehicle -- including, sometimes, your own that you used to drive to the store, combining two trips into one.

#3: Vintage Chic

Of course, as good as it is to buy sustainably created furniture with 'green' woods and/or frames, the most eco-friendly option is to save all of that labor and fuel and simply buy pre-owned furniture. With the vintage look being super trendy for the past few seasons already, there's really no reason to pass up a perfectly good piece of old furniture, both to spruce up your decor and to reduce your carbon footprint in the process. Saving furniture that would otherwise fill up a landfill is a great way to live more eco-friendly without sacrificing the look and functionality you want out of your home's furniture