4 Clues That Your Home Is Infested With Mice

Mice infest about 21 million homes every single year in the United States, but since they're small and like to hide, you may not realize that yours is one of them. Here are four clues that mice are infesting your home. 

Gnaw Marks

Like other rodents, mice have open-rooted teeth. This means that their teeth grow constantly throughout their lives. To keep their teeth from growing to an unmanageable size, they need to chew on hard objects to wear down their teeth. These hard objects may include things like your furniture, baseboards, and the food in your cupboards. Check your house for tooth marks and damage.

Mouse Droppings

Mice produce a lot of droppings, so if they're living in your house, you should see the signs. Mouse droppings are very tiny, about the same size as a grain of rice, and are dark brown when they're fresh. Older mouse droppings will be lighter brown since they dry out over time. Check potential mouse hiding places like basements, crawlspaces, inside cupboards, and behind furniture for droppings.

Mouse Runways

When mice travel between their hiding place and their food source, they like to stick to the same pathways. These pathways are called runways, and if you look closely, you'll be able to see them, even if the mice are hiding. Indoors, check your baseboards for dark smudges; these smudges are left behind as the dirty mice run along the edge of your walls. Outdoors, look for worn, narrow pathways in your grass; mice create these pathways as they run between their hiding place and your home.


If you ever had a pet hamster as a child, you know that rodents are noisy creatures, and mice are no exception. They make squeaking noises to communicate with other mice, and since they're nocturnal, you'll hear these squeaking noises at night when you're trying to sleep. As the infestation grows, and you have more mice living in your house, you'll notice that the squeaking gets louder and harder to ignore.

Mice like to hide, so an infestation can get quite serious before you actually lay eyes on a mouse. To catch the infestation early, you need to pay attention to clues that mice may be present. Look out for gnaw marks, droppings, mouse runways, and nighttime squeaking. If you notice any of these signs, call a pest control company, such as Godfather's Exterminating Inc, right away, before the infestation can get any worse.