Does Your Garden Need A Makeover? Design Tips To Dress It Up

Getting a new hairstyle or buying new clothing is a great way to boost your confidence. There's something about change that brings newness to life and makes you feel great. The same is true with gardening. Looking at the same flowers and plants year after year can become rather monotonous, and you may begin to take your garden for granted.

Giving your garden a makeover will reignite the passion you had when you planted your first flowers. You just may find yourself falling in love with your garden all over again.

Have a seat

Adding a bench or a small table and chairs to your garden will invite visitors to sit down and soak in the beauty. Use crushed stone or manicured grass under the bench or table to set it apart. It will be the perfect place to host a garden tea party.

Go for the layered look

Layering gets attention. Blend textures by planting dark evergreens or tall ornamental grasses followed by a second row of plants with contrasting textures. Dress the look up by planting a row of low-blooming plants, such as carpet roses, as a border around the taller, non-flowering plants.

Let there be light

What good is a beautiful garden if nobody can see it? Adequate outdoor lighting can transform your garden into a nighttime paradise. There are many options available to choose from and most require minimal installation. Good accent lighting will bring out the best attributes in your garden.

Water it

Nothing soothes the soul like the sound of trickling water. The addition of a garden water fountain can bring peace and serenity to your garden and will likely become the focal point of your outdoor space. It also has an additional benefit. Birds are naturally attracted to flowing water, so don't be surprised if you see some colorful and interesting visitors showing up in your garden. Look at the different styles of garden water fountains for sale to find one that fits your space.

Make a fashion statement

You have a unique personality, so why shouldn't your garden? Don't be afraid to add some whimsy. Old garden boots can be used as planters. Plant herbs in old tea kettles or pots. Make a wine bottle tree. Find ways to make what you love a part of your garden.

Accessorize well

Gazing balls will add color and pizazz to your garden. Wind chimes, statues, bird feeders, and old garden tools are always charming additions. Consider adding a wheelbarrow to fill with flowers.

Don't forget flower pots and containers in a variety of colors. Glazed ceramic pots in bright orange, cobalt blue, or lemon yellow, filled with colorful flowers, will garner attention.

If you want to fall in love with your garden all over again, why not make an appointment to start your garden makeover today? Then sit back and watch the beautiful transformation take place right before your eyes.