How Can You Rid Your Lawn Of Welt-Raising Plants Without Using Toxins?

If your lawn is infested with poison ivy, oak, or sumac, you may find that these itch-inducing plants prevent you from really enjoying your property. However, the invasive nature of these plants can make them particularly hard to kill, and you may be reluctant to use heavy-duty commercial sprays and poisons for fear of inadvertent exposure. Read on to learn more about what you'll need to do to make your lawn a safe place for you and your family by eradicating your poisonous plants safely.

Which plants can cause itching and welts?

Although poison ivy is the most well-known member of this family of plants, there are several others that can cause similar symptoms. If you've experienced itching but aren't sure of the cause, familiarize yourself with diagrams of poison oak, sumac, and stinging nettles so that you'll be able to identify the culprit. Be on a special lookout for any plants or vines with dark, shiny, or oily-looking leaves. Most of these plants tend to grow in clusters, so once you've found a few, there are usually more.

What are your non-toxic options to get rid of these plants?

These plants have a relatively shallow but solid root structure, making them fairly easy to pull by hand. If you're not severely allergic, you may want to attempt this yourself. Be sure that the clothes that you're wearing for this project are disposable, and wear thick gardening gloves. Place the pulled plants in a plastic bag and seal it carefully. Remove and discard your clothes in another plastic bag and then take a cool shower to ensure that you've removed all trace of the oils from your skin. After you've pulled up the existing plants, prevent future growth by covering the area with damp cardboard to inhibit growth.

Another option that will effectively remove these pests from your soil is a saltwater mixture that will kill them from the root up. By mixing salt, water, vinegar, and dish soap, you'll be able to create a potent weed killer that requires no special care, and is completely safe for children and pets. Although this takes a bit longer to kill the plants than pulling them up by the root, it will keep regrowth down for an entire season.

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