Three Tips For Smoothing A Patch Of Raised Wood On A Wooden Countertop

Over a long time, it's not uncommon for a part of your wooden countertop to warp because of water penetration and rise above the surface around it. If this happens to you, you'll need to act quickly if you want to catch the problem in its infancy and minimize the amount of wood underneath the bump you'll need to expose. Here's three tips for sanding, treating, and ultimately smoothing out a patch of warped and raised wood on a wooden countertop.

Be Careful Not To Touch Any Unaffected Patches With Your Sandpaper

If your sandpaper isn't one of the roughest varieties you can find, you won't do much to the raised wood. However, with very coarse sandpaper, there's a big risk of accidentally taking off some of the valuable wood around the affected area if you're not careful.

Instead of carelessly going in at whatever angle is convenient, always approach the raised wood with your sandpaper directly from above. You should also gradually increase the pressure you're applying until you start seeing results. If you immediately start applying exactly the amount of pressure you think is necessary, you risk losing your grasp on the sandpaper and seriously degrading the normal wood around the raised patch.

Use Wood Filler On The Exposed Wood Your Sandpaper Leaves

Once you're done sanding down the raised part of the wood, you'll be left with a very rough and ugly patch of exposed wood board. To deal with this, you'll need to apply a thick layer of wood filler, especially if there are any cracks, and give it plenty of time to dry.

If you're concerned about applying so much wood filler that you end up creating a raised area on your countertop again, you can always take this opportunity to apply a whole new layer of sealant on the entire wooden surface, or sand down the wood filler, as most fillers are able to be sanded down once they are fully dry. 

Afterward, Try Not To Put Food Directly On The Affected Patch

Even when you're done and the formerly raised patch of wood looks almost exactly the same as the smooth wood around it, it's important to not put unnecessary strain on the area. While a moderate amount of weight from things such as plates and bowls is fine, fruit and meat with lots of juices in them are bound to penetrate the wood filler and cause even more warping.

It's necessary for your wooden countertops to be smooth if you want your guests to be impressed at a dinner party. Since the process of repairing a raised patch of wood on a wooden countertop isn't nearly as onerous as some other DIY repair jobs, there's no excuse for you to put it off for too long.