Four Ways You Can Improve Your Irrigation With Sprinkler System Upgrades And Repairs

If you have an old sprinkler system for your home, you may be losing water, getting poor irrigation for your plants and putting the plumbing in your home at risk. This can be due to things like outdated sprinkler heads, broken pipes and failing backflow prevention. Fortunately, there are improvements that you can do today, which will help improve your irrigation and protect your home. Here are some of the sprinkler system installation upgrades that you may want to consider for your home:

1. Better Sprinkler Heads That Conserve Water And Improve Irrigation

The sprinkler heads on your irrigation system may be the source of a lot of wasted water. Older sprinkler heads use more water and can easily be damaged by lawn equipment. You can have new ones installed, which can have recessed casing in your lawn to protect them from the lawnmower and other equipment. There are also heads that have sensors, which can automatically adjust according to the irrigation needs of your landscaping.

2. Using Better Sprinkler Controls For More Efficient Irrigation

Sprinkler controls can be simple timers that water the lawn at the same time every day. This can cause your landscaping to be watered when it does not really need it. There are newer smart controls, which can also measure rainfall, moisture content and sunlight hours. This information can then be used to provide the optimal irrigation for your plants and to reduce the waste of water.

3. Repairing Damaged Pipes And Sprinkler Components

Just like the heads for your sprinklers, the pipes and other components can also be damaged. This can cause you to loose water, and plants to not get the watering that they need. You will want to replace these damaged components. You may also want to consider reducing the size of pipes for irrigation in areas of your landscaping that need less water. This can help save water, as well as improve the overall performance of your irrigation system.

4. Replacing Old Backflow Prevention Systems And Sprinkler Pumps

Many sprinkler systems have old backflow prevention devices and pumps. These systems are used to prevent backflow from the irrigation systems, from getting in your home. The pump is used to add water pressure or to use other water sources such as rain collection. Updating these things can help protect your home, reduce energy consumption and give your sprinkler system better performance.

If you want to save money and have better irrigation, there are some of the things that you can have done to your sprinkler system. You can contact a sprinkler repair service and have them help with these improvements to the irrigation systems for your home.