Hard Water Problems: What A Homeowner Should Know

Are you aware that having hard water can lead to your home having plumbing problems? Hard water can also leave your dishes looking dirty, but you can fix the problem by investing in a water softener system. Below, learn what you should know about hard water and how much a water softener system might cost.

What Should a Homeowner Know About Hard Water?

The most serious effect of having of hard water is the limescale it can leave behind. Limescale is basically an accumulation of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Water is considered hard when the minerals are of a high level. You can tell when there is a large amount of minerals in your water when you notice soap scum left on clean dishes, white buildup around faucets or slow drainage into the plumbing system. The only way to get rid of high levels of limescale is to invest in getting your water softened.

The key to making hard water soft is to push the calcium and magnesium out of it. There are water softener systems available that can give you soft water with the use of salt. A small amount of salt is placed in your plumbing system though the water softening equipment to force unwanted minerals out. A small amount of minerals may remain in the water but not enough to create a buildup of limescale. The efficiency of a water softener system will depend on the quality that you invest in.

What is the Average Price of a Water Softener System?

There are water softener systems available in many different styles, which will have an effect on the price. You can invest in one that is easy to install by simply placing it on a faucet or a more advanced system that can treat all of the water in your home. You can expect to pay an average of $500 to $10,000 for a water softener system and professional installation. The prices quotes are based on the purchase of a system that softens water by way of ion- exchange (salt).

Don't allow water with too many minerals to interfere with the flow of water through the plumbing system. You can reduce limescale problems by investing in a system that can transform hard water into soft water. Get in touch with a water softener specialist, like those at Johnson Water Conditioning, to find out what kind of system will work best for your needs!