Learn What To Do If Your Pipes Start Leaking Under Your Kitchen Sink

If you have recently opened up the cabinet under your kitchen sink to find a puddle of water waiting for you, it is important to take care of the situation right away. The leak could have already caused a lot of damage to the bottom of the cabinets and even the subflooring of the house. The following guide will help you learn what to do when you find out that your pipes are leaking.

Handle the Water

The first thing you need to do is wipe up any water that has collected in the bottom of the cabinet. Next, put a bowl or pan under the pipes that are leaking. This will catch the water and it from dripping onto the bottom of the cabinet and causing even more damage.

Hire a Plumber

Hire a plumber, like Hilmans Plumbing, to come and look at the pipes right away. He or she will know how to turn off the water supply to your home so that they can work on the pipes without having to worry about any more water leaking out of them. Usually, a small leak is caused by a seal weakening or a pipe that froze and then burst slightly. The plumber will assess the situation and be able to repair the pipes within a matter of minutes. Make sure that you have the rest of your pipes inspected while the plumber is there because it will be cheaper to have him or her handle everything in one visit than to have him or her come back time and time again.

Hire a Contractor

After the plumber has taken care of the leak, have a contractor come and remove the bottom of your cabinet if it has become badly warped from the water exposure. When he or she removes the cabinet, ask them to check the subflooring to make sure that it is not damaged too. He or she will be able to replace the bottom of the cabinet within a matter of minutes so that you can start using the space again as soon as possible.

Once the pipes are fixed and the bottom of the cabinet is replaced, you will be able to use the sink the way that you always have without having to worry that you are damaging your home when you do. It is best to look under your kitchen sink at least once per week, so that you can check to see if there is anything out of the ordinary and have it fixed as soon as possible.