Protect Your Home And Decrease Your Costs - Handling Common Window Repair Issues

Home ownership can be a source of great pride and accomplishment, but it also comes with a great deal of challenges. Chief among these is the sudden requirement that you have to develop at least a baseline knowledge of a wide variety of repairs. If you have damaged windows in your home, it's time that you build that part of your knowledge base.

Below, you'll find a guide to handling common home window repair issues. With this information in mind, you can perform some simple repairs that may allow you to avoid more costly solutions. This will keep your home in its best shape and provide you with the satisfaction of performing important maintenance yourself:

Rotting Wood

Many older homes have exclusively wooden window frames that can be susceptible to wear and rotting. If you notice splitting or cracking of the wood around your glass, you'll likely find yourself having to replace the entire window, as the weather proof seals are likely going to be almost entirely broken down.

In some cases, the wood can be repaired with fiberglass or other modern materials that will be resistant to further breakdowns. They can also be installed to match the pattern of the existing pieces of your window, guaranteeing a seamless repair that will continue to hold in your temperature controlled air.

Broken Seals

If you notice excessive condensation on your window or streaky patterns that are hard to eliminate, you may have a broken seal. Otherwise known as a blown window, this condition can require the replacement of a pane of glass, as the problem is internal and not easily patched.

Thankfully, you'll likely only have to replace the glass, as the frame will still be in good condition. If you find yourself frequently dealing with blown glass, you should consider purchasing a different kind of window that may be better suited for the temperature and moisture content of your environment.

Excessive Drafts

The most common window concern of many home owners, feeling a draft when you walk past a window can send you in to a panic and cause you to look for replacements. However, you can frequently repair drafty windows for relatively low costs. Simple plumbers' caulk may be able to patch gaps without much effort or cost at all. You should also examine whether your window panes are incorrectly seated in their frames, and if they are, a simple adjustment will hold in your treated air and allow you to avoid more serious consequences.

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