Patio Cover Or Pergola - Which Is Right For You?

When deciding which kind of outdoor covering you want for your home, you are going to come across two main types of covers – patio covers and pergolas. These two distinct options offer different benefits, and are both worthy of consideration when choosing your perfect outside getaway.

Patio Covers

Patio covers, like those from Dura-Kool Aluminum Products, are what most people are familiar with when they think of an outside covering. Patio covers are differentiated by their attachment to the house. They will typically extend from the home out over the back porch area, providing shade and protection from rain. Most are made out of aluminum or wood, with either plastic or metal material for the cover.

Patio covers are great for their affordability and their practicality. Shelter right out the back door is desirable on any home, and patio covers offer a great way to achieve this. Patio covers also offer a way to improve energy efficiency, as they provide shade during the hotter months. They can also be equipped with accessories, like outside fans, misters and lighting. You can even attach speakers outside if you like.


Pergolas are built as separate units from the home. They typically look like a framework or open rafters, and are often used to create a defined space apart from the home. They can be equipped with shade and rain protection as needed, although some people just grow vines or other plants over them instead.

Pergolas are the more interesting option artistically. They are much more distinctive than a patio. They allow you to create a sort of oasis out in your yard or garden. Retractable shades are available, as are curtains to wall yourself off from the outside world. They can also be left open to create a free flowing space, decorated as you like.

Which To Choose

Many people have patio covers for practical reasons. They are usually the most affordable option, and they keep all of your outside things – barbecue grill, chairs, table – in easy reach of your house. You can have a barbecue in a rainstorm if you like.

Pergolas are a great idea if you want to create an area separate from your home, especially if you have a garden you are proud of. They provide a unique experience that not everyone is going to expect, making them perfect if you like to entertain.

If you want the best of both and you have the space, you can always install both a patio cover and a pergola.