How To Put Down Fescue Sod

For many homeowners, fescue grass is preferred whenever they start a lawn using sod. The reason for this is that fescue grass is quite versatile, in that it is fairly easy to grow and is generally tolerant of foot traffic. It also resists drought well. If you decide to opt for fescue sod instead of seed, the benefits include a healthy and beautiful lawn that is almost immediately usable. There are, however, a few things you will need to do to ensure your fescue sod lawn turns out the way you hope.

What You Will Need

  • Rototiller

  • Organic mulch

  • Starter fertilizer

  • Rake

  • Straight-edged shovel

  • Lawn roller

Step 1. Clear out the area in which you intend to place your sod, removing any debris, weeds and rocks. Using your rake, grade the space. You want the area to slope away from any structure, including your home. This is because you want water to drain off in this direction.

Step 2. Apply organic mulch (about two inches) to the area, making sure that the mulch you use includes peat moss. If your soil is heavy clay, then it's a good idea to add approximately 2-4 inches of quality top soil making. Using a rototiller, work these additions into the soil.

Step 3. Again, rake the space in order to achieve the grade you need. Fill a lawn roller with water and use it to compact the area.

Step 4. Following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, add a starter fertilizer to your lawn. Rather than working the fertilizer into your soil, instead allow the fertilizer to remain on the surface of your planting area.

Step 5. Begin rolling out each individual sod roll, making sure that the roll's seams run fairly perpendicular with the slope's direction.

Step 6. Use an approach similar to what a mason uses when building a wall with blocks or bricks as you stagger the rows of sod. Use your shovel to cut some of the sod rolls in half and then use these to start your staggered rows. Place each roll's edge firmly up against the other rolls.

Step 7. Empty out approximately half of the water from your lawn roller. Use the roller to go over the sod that has just been laid down. This will ensure that the roots and the soil will make contact. This will encourage proper growth.

Step 8. It's important to keep both the sod and the soil underneath damp by providing regular watering. Do this for about two weeks to allow the lawn to fully establish itself.  

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