How To Lighten Your Load Before Moving

Don't pack unnecessary items when moving to your new home. Instead, free up some space on the moving truck that you will be using and put your old belongings to good use using the following ideas:

Hold A Tent Sale

Make some flyers to hang up around town, advertising a tent sale. Have your friends and family assist you with locating a large area to hold your event. Rent an inexpensive tent from a party planning business. Have a few close friends help you organize the items that are being sold. Make your sale unique by offering refreshments to the people who browse the items for sale. Small touches like background music and brightly colored displays may help you draw a larger crowd to your sale.

Swap Belongings With Others

If you have a couple appliances that have been collecting dust in your garage, no problem. Instead of worrying about what to do with them, exchange them with other people who have something that you are in need of. Make a list of what you do not want and offer to swap each one for something that you are going to need to prepare for the move. You can advertise the items in your local newspaper, online, or by word of mouth. Once you get rid of some of the junk at your home, you will be able to focus on packing up the items that are important to you.

Plan A Raffle

If you have large items of value that you do not wish to include in the above two ideas, hold a raffle. Advertise the things that you are going to be getting rid of and sell tickets for a raffle. The winners will be appreciative having acquired these items for a small fee. If you sell a lot of tickets, you will have extra money that can help you pay for the moving truck, packing supplies, and purchases for your new home.

Once you eliminate some of the belongings that you no longer need, you can focus on your move without as many obstacles. Methodically, pack up the rest of your possessions and have them ready for a  moving company on the day that you are heading to your new residence. Once you arrive at your new home, you will be able to organize your home the way that you wish, without any unnecessary clutter getting in your way. If you need a moving company, contact Midway Moving & Storage.